1. MKL Chauffeurs LTD is a Limited company registered on Companies House, company number: 12959347

  2. The Driver will travel by the most appropriate route on the day, unless instructed otherwise by the Client, in which case Payment clause 3. may apply.

  3. If for any reason the driver is instructed to wait before or after the journey additional waiting charges may apply

  4. We at MKL Chauffeur’s Ltd will ensure the chauffeur arrives and departs on the agreed times and location supplied by the client, however we can not accept any responsibility for any delays beyond our control such as weather conditions, mechanical failure, traffic jams or accidents. Nor we accept any responsibility for any consequential loss.

  5. We at MKL Chauffeurs Ltd reserve the right to substitute any vehicle or driver

  6. Nothing contained in these terms and conditions affects the Client’s’ statutory rights.

  7. MKL Chauffeur’s shall be under no liability whatsoever to the customer for any indirect loss (including loss of profit) suffered by the Customer arising out of a breach by MKL Chauffeurs LTD of this contract.

  8. We may refuse entry to our vehicles to anyone who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol thought to be a threat to the safety of our driver, further more we can terminate the journey at any given time due to inappropriate behaviour by any passenger.

  9. Any damages caused to any of our vehicles by the client will be charged to the client to be paid in full

  10. If any special cleaning services are required due the client has left the vehicle is an unreasonable state will also be charged and billed to the client.

  11. Nothing in these Terms & Conditions affect the clients statutory rights.

  1. Car parking charges are included in the total price.

  2. Any adjustments to the journey which will involve extra time or mileage will be additionally charged

  3. Toll & congestion charges will be applied, where applicable

  4. Payment to be paid in full upon invoice

  5. All prices quoted are in pounds sterling and exclusive of VAT unless stated

  1. If a booking is cancelled within 1 hour of the requested pick-up time we reserve the right to make full charge for the journey. If however the pick-up location necessitates the car being despatched more than an hour before the pick-up time we again reserve the right to make full charge for the journey.

  2. If the passenger does not appear and contact our driver at the booked time and the designated pick-up point, we reserve the right to make full charge for the journey.

  3. Our bookings cancellation policy reflects the availability of the vehicles in our fleet. Upon acceptance of your booking we reserve the availability of the vehicle for you and subsequently refuse all other bookings for that vehicle at that time and on that date.