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Phantom is single-minded, abrupt and unapologetic – a rejection of rules, preconceptions and everything that’s expected of it.

Unleash your inner renegade. Phantom invigorates those who defy convention. With its rebellious aura, it’s the ultimate icon, reinterpreted by icons. The ticking of the clock should be the only thing you hear. The quietest Rolls‑Royce ever created, the perfect foundation to create your own noise.



Full modern technology created by the german market, luxury is a understatement when it comes to the Mercedes Benz S Class which is the highest class.  Soft leather heated and cooling seats for a comfy ride. The airmatic suspension providing a driving experience like you're floating on air.  Rear vanity mirrors enable you to check your appearance before your arrival destination.  In car mood lighting which can be adjusted to suit your mood. Rear privacy windows to provide your with your own privacy.

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A Mercedes Benz V Class is one of the best chauffeur driven vehicles in the UK. Ideal for family or a large number of corporate travel in full comfort & luxury accompanied with privacy glass, luxury rear seating, air conditioning, WIFI & complimentary refreshments.

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The Bentley Flying Spur, exquisite craftsmanship & a suite of innovative technologies. It is the ultimate luxury, high performance Bentley. Everywhere you look in the cabin you’ll discover small finesses that signal a more refined approach.  The Bentley has full leather heated interior, rear privacy glass to keep your privacy, rear blinds so you can open your window for fresh air and still have privacy, rear arm rest & sofas to give you the best of luxury & relaxation on your journey.


The Ferrari California (Type F149) is a grand touring sports car created by the Italian automobile manufacturer Ferrari. It is a two-door 2+2 hard top convertible. When originally unveiled in 2008, the California was powered by a front-mid mounted, rear wheel drive, naturally aspirated 4.3-litre V8.

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One of a kind over 40 years: only the G-Class looks like a G-Class. The design is very unique and speaks for itself. The silhouette of the G-class is characterised by clear lines & wide, flat surfaces. The exterior door hinge, protective strip & exposed spare wheel on the tailgate lend it its unique personality, while striking wheel arch liners and wide track create a dominant presence.  Our G-Class has front & rear heated seats, rear dvd entertainment, cup holders & side steps to ease your entrance/exit.


The ‘S’ stands for Special it self. Maybach is one of the worlds most luxurious vehicles, only the Rolls-Royce Phantom comes close to it which we have in our fleet too. The Maybach can carry a driver, front passenger & up to three rear passengers on a serene, silent & spacious journey. Every detail in the exterior & interior is made to perfection.

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